Thanks for such a relaxing long weekend! We got here just in time for two lovely sunny days and we're leaving as the rain comes in. I've always been fond of this area and it's nice to live out my childhood dream, staying in a cottage by the beach. When I used to go to Aldo's with my grandparents as a kid, I never dreamed I'd take my husband and two year-old-son 20 years later!

Julie Pitt, Livermore, CA 2/22/2009

This is truly a gem of a beach house.I stayed here with 5 female friends from childhood to celebrate our turning 50. We were all thrilled with this location and all the charm it has to offer. We LOVE your special place here in Santa Cruz. Everything from the bed rooms, quaint little kitchen, amazing deck with view and the owners attention to detail made our stay one fantastic event we are sure to duplicate in the future. We have all vowed to return - and will definitely come back here. Thank you for all you do to make this place so very special!

Lauren W., Campbell California 3/1/2009

The house was immaculate, beautifully decorated and comfortable for our family of three. The views of the beach, Crow's Nest and Yacht Harbor were spectacular. I highly recommend walking down to Aldo's on the other side of the harbor in the morning for a nice seaside brunch. The proximity to the beach meant I could mosey over there 3, even 5 times a day and not worry about parking, or remembering to bring everything I might need. It was a fabulous weekend, and I definitely want to go back.

Julie 3/7/2009

This was the perfect vacation house for us. The location is ideal- in walking distance of the beach, parks, coffee shops, and good places to eat. The view from the deck is nice and the house is very well kept. We especially liked all the nice amenities like a great coffee maker, BBQ, lots of extra bedding, and comfortable beds.
Vivian 3/29/2009

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Santa Cruz thanks to this little cottage by the sea. The views were great as well as the well kept landscape. All the amenities of a home away from home.
Perry and Sue, Salem, Oregon 3/30/2009

Arbor Cottage was the perfect base for our 4 days in Santa Cruz. The property is tastefully decorated, immaculately presented and very well equipped. A quality holiday home. Our family of 5, including 3 young children, were very pleasantly accommodated there. Scott was most helpful and flexible, making the booking process from the UK completely hassle free.
Felix Vowles, Totnes, UK 4/15/2009

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Brian and Chris, Riverbank, CA 6/20/2009

What an amazing vacation! We have visited Santa Cruz before, but this was the first time we rented a cottage - what a lucky find! To have the beach so close and the amazing view. I have never been more content. Thank you for creating a cozy get-a-way!
the Glasgow Family, Aberdeen, WA 7/12/2009

We liked everything! Key box nice, did not have to travel to pick up keys! All was comfortable. Thank you!
the Alwards, Sacramento, CA 8/12/2009

What a wonderful stay we had. Thanks for your hospitality. Cottage was cozy, location great, loved the deck and view. Thank you!
Sheri and Steve, San Jose, CA 8/16/2009

You have actually under sold the magic of this Cottage!! It was so exciting to discover all the hidden wonders. We absolutely LOVEDArbor House and will not only recommend it, but will return ourselves. Kitchen is very well stocked. Music/TV great. Wonderful supply of towels/blankets. 3rd bedroom great for our "baby". The yard and deck are fantastic! The walk to the beach a breeze. The location is superb. The views while cooking and eating are incredibly relaxing. Harbor is beautiful to look at